All about Papay.

You won't find Papay on a map - its real name is Papa Westray but locals always call it Papay.

The 5 pupils at the Papay School have made some short information sheets for you, with thumbnail photos. We hope you enjoy learning some more about life on Papay.

Here we are dancing the Dashing White Sergeant!

Peedie Puffin's life in Papay Westray
  • travels to Martha's Vineyard
  • April 18, 2009 Peedie arrives in Japan for a short visit then onto Fiji
  • May 19th: Bula (health) all!
    Peedie has arrived safely in Fiji! He will be going to school tomorrow at TLC and we will see what sort of trouble we can get him into over the next week. I will ship him out early next week, just send me his next address!
    The kids are very excited to meet him!
    Vinaka (thank you),
    Nina Ferry
See all of Peedie's adventures. Each school has sent gifts to the next school on Peedie's itinerary.