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The Learning Center a.k.a TLC

"Where differences are celebrated."
Bula Vinaka!
(The polite way to say 'hello,' or wish someone 'good health' in Fijian.)

TLC is a privately funded grade one through grade eight primary school located in Suva, the Capital city of the Fiji Islands. TLC has 11 teachers, including the headmaster, and only 119 students. The small size of the schools allows TLC to focus on the unique needs and learning styles of each child. The school's mascot is a sea turtle, which is adorned onto their red and navy blue school uniforms. TLC supports and promotes a multi-cultural environment and integrates holistic learning practices like traditional life skills, language study, singing, martial arts, dancing, music, fine arts and of course sports.

Grade 3
There are three grades currently participating in the "Islands Around the World" project. Master Michael's grade three (with the aid of Mrs. Naiker), has 18 students and is currently working on a creation story about Fiji. Since these kids are the oldest they will share the cultural traditions of Fiji and also some geological history about how the Fiji islands developed. Fiji is a multi-racial, diverse country with many languages. Fiji is a country of over 300 small islands below the equator in the middle of the South Pacific. Since it is located in the middle of the ocean, these third graders are also worried about global warming and the oceans rising--you may see some of this in their story!

Grade 2

Mrs. Nalumatua's grade two, with 15 students, is currently working on a poem about Fiji and with the help of a musician they are going to turn their poem into a song to share with all of you. Grade two kids are focusing on sharing the special everyday things about Fiji such as rugby, farming, soccer and the strange weather filled with rain, sun, heat, humidity, tsunamis, hurricanes, and trade winds.
Grade 1

Mrs. Vunisau's grade one, with 16 students is currently working on a collection of drawings on Fiji to share with all of you. Grade one kids are going to focus on the bright and vivid colors in Fiji's tropical climate--drawing their favorite foods, wildlife and landscapes!

The kids at TLC are very excited to be working with the other primary schools around the world and learning all about your cultures. So far some of the biggest differences between Fiji and the other Northern Hemisphere schools is snow. Fiji maintains a tropical to sub tropical climate year round and it never snows here! There are also differences in farming, both with animals and the crops grown, and the variety of sea life. Fiji is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and most of our fish are colorful to blend in with the reef. Currently TLC has its very own set of garden beds where the school grows vegetables to sell locally. This garden project allows kids to get dirty, practice traditional life skills and also work towards fundraising for their school. They grow Chinese cabbage, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, and many others depending on the season.

Please find most of our pictures and word documents attached since the internet in Fiji is sometimes as slow as the lifestyle! One of the best things about living in Fiji is Fiji Time, a laid back and enjoyable pace which locals live by and foreigners marvel at. Fiji Time is the perfect remedy after a stressful day of learning at school...I mean an enjoyable and fun filled day of informative splendor!

We cannot wait for Peedie the Puffin to arrive and when he does, we will show him what Fiji is all about!

Vinaka Vakalevu, (Thank you very much in Fijian)

Nina E. Ferry
Ambassadorial Scholar for Rotary International
Post-graduate student of Education at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji.
(I am originally from Martha's Vineyard, one of the participating schools, and when my teachers found out I was moving to Fiji to study Education, they asked me if I wanted to be a part of this world-wide cultural exchange. I am very fortunate to have been recommended to TLC by one of the trustee members and couldn't think of a better way to supplement my studies in Fiji than by spending time with the smiling faces at TLC and helping them to share with all of you the unique allure of Fiji.)