Aloha, We are currently working hard to share with you about our island state, our school and our third grade classroom. In the mean time you can begin to learn a little about our class by visiting our class website at: Have a Happy Day, Na Manaku

Questions and thoughts from Maggie's Multiage Class at the West Tisbury School on the island of Martha's Vineyard
We really liked watching your presentation. We are jealous that you are already out of school. We do not get out until June 26. We have some questions and comments.

1. It is cool that a tree is the symbol for your school. Do you think that the legend is true?

2. Can you give us an example of a chant and what it means?

3. It looked like a lot of kids were in muddy water. What were they doing?

4. It sounds like you do a lot of the same activities that we do at recess. We like to play 4-Square. Do you have basketball hoops?

5. We know you have a school symbol. Do you have a school mascot? Our mascot is the hawk.

6. What kind of food do you have in your cafeteria?

7. What are some of your favorite special projects?

8. What was you last day of school?

We hope we can learn with you next year!