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Our Island

Written by Maggie's Multiage


Martha’s Vineyard is a small island surrounded by water in the Atlantic Ocean. People must travel by boat or plane to get to Martha’s Vineyard.

There are no tall buildings or big bridges on Martha’s Vineyard. There is a small drawbridge in Oak Bluffs. If the drawbridge opens, the traffic really backs up.

Martha’s Vineyard has many beautiful beaches and farms. Thousands and thousands of tourists visit Martha’s Vineyard every summer.

In the summer, ferries leave from three places: Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. The Edgartown ferry goes to Chappaquiddick. In the winter, Oak Bluffs shuts down.

There are six towns on Martha’s Vineyard. They are Aquinnah, Chilmark, West Tisbury, Tisbury, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. They are all special.

Our island is awesome. It is small but fun.

We think you should visit every town and see, for yourself, how exciting Martha’s Vineyard can be.
Curious? Please feel free to ask us questions. We know a lot about our island.

Tisbury (Vineyard Haven)

by Henry and Morgan
Tisbury harbor used to be called Holmes Hole. Now it is called Vineyard Haven.
VHStreetFair.jpgIn July there is a Street Fair in Tisbury. You can buy food and play games. There is even a “dunking booth.”
Vineyard Haven has lots of stores. It is a great place to go shopping.

Oak Bluffs

by Ellie, Everett and Solon
In 1874 the Martha’s Vineyard railroad opened. It went from Oak Bluffs to Katama and back.
OBHouses.jpgEvery year, in late summer, an illumination happens in Oak Bluffs. It is called Illumination Night. There lanterns everywhere.

In downtown Oak Bluffs you can find the Flying Horses carousel. If you get the brass ring, you get a free ride.


by Chloe and Madeline


Over one hundred years ago, a pagoda tree was planted on South Water Street by Captain Milton. It is still alive today.
edgarFloat.jpgEvery year there is a Fourth of July parade in Edgartown. It is fun to look at the floats.

A special place in Edgartown is the Vineyard Museum. You can learn interesting things about our island.

West Tisbury

by Carly and Emma

The building across the street from Mill Pond used to be a coat factory. Now it is a garden club.
The Agricultural Fair is in August. It has a lot of different animals and lots of prizes.

Alley’s General Store is a special place in West Tisbury. You can buy almost anything there.


by Ava and Violet

Menemsha has been a fishing village for a very long time. It is a great place to fish for swordfish.

Every summer people run the Chilmark Road Race. If you win, you get a big lobster.


A special place in Chilmark is Beetlebung Corner. It is in the center of Chilmark.

by Isis and Gregory

Long ago, whale oil was used to light the Aquinnah Lighthouse.
AquBeach.jpgWampanoag Indians celebrate Cranberry Day in the month of October. People dance and sing.

The Gay Head are a special place in Aquinnah. The cliffs have lots of colors and are very beautiful.

Questions from Papay School