Peedie Papay Puffin

Once upon a time, there was a peedie (little) puffin who lived on the island of Papay, one of the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland. His full name was Peapod Davidson Puffin, but his friends often called him PD.

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Friday 21 November 2008 - Peapod was very excited - he was going home with Daniel for the weekend.

Monday 24 November

Daniel teaches Peapod how to play pool.

This first photo shows PD Puffin playing pool at Daniel's house. It was a bit cold but he survived! (It was cold because Daniel's house isn't finished and the insulation isn't in yet!) PD was very good at pool but Daniel still won.

Peapod shivers in the Papay snow

The second picture shows PD in the snowy weather of winter. It was very snowy in Papay over the weekend and then it was wet after the rain came. PD was getting cold so Daniel took him inside.

Friday 28th November I had a goody-good time at Rhona's house.

Peapod and Mango

Mango is Rhona's kitten and we went on a walk by ourselves. Mango told me a story about a cat called Pea-Pod but she lived in Kirkwall!

Me and Rhona had some food that was called Fish Fingers they were so yum.

Mango and me had a bit of a sleepy morning but I got over it.

A few days ago Mango woke me and Rhona up and it was only 7.00AM And it was all about food!

I got a new hair-brush it is so cool!

I love falling asleep in Rhona's house in Rhona's bed - it is a much nicer bed than the schools!

Peapod enjoys his porridge

For my breakfast I loved eating porridge topped with raspberry jam. It was very yummy.

Bye bye From Pea-Pod

Monday 1 December

I had such a fun time at Billy’s for the weekend. Billy has lots of ‘Where’s Wally’ books. I really loved them, especially this one which is called ‘Where’s Wally in Hollywood’. I found Wally with a little help from Billy.

Peapod and Mr Strong

Here I am on the plane with the pilot. He was so nice he let me go in the driving seat! I didn’t get to fly but I hope I will some day.

Peapod meets the pilot

Peapod went home with Andrew on 1st December.

Peapod and Christmas Tree
Peapod and Andrew

Peapod was liking being next to Andrew's Christmas tree. He thought it was really beautiful.

He liked the breakfast - he just loved Special K!

Mrs Seatter went in to Kirkwall, Orkney's main town, on Wed 3rd December. She stayed overnight in the Kirkwall Hotel.

Peapod got very excited in the bathroom - he thought he had found a little diving pool. He wanted to jump in to see if he could catch any sand eels, his favourite food. Mrs Seatter managed to stop him just in time! He also met Santa who read Peapod a lovely Christmas story.

Peapod nearly takes a dive!
Santa reads Peapod a story

Monday 8th December. Peapod's visit to Taya's house.

Peapod meets his family!

What a surprise I got when I met my Aunty, Uncle, and brothers and sisters all living at Taya's house!

Peapod in Tayas's Doll's House

Here I am, eating in a mini- hoose.

With Jessie at the Knap of Howar

I had a great time at the Knap of Howar, which is the oldest building in Northern Europe - it is about 5,500 years old! Here I am with Taya's little sister Jessie - can you see the puffin on her knitted hat?

(Try googling Knap of Howar for more info.)

Peapod with his Mum!

11th December 2008

This is Annie Jean. She knitted me back in November. Annie Jean is a member of the Thursday Club. They come to school every other Thursday for lunch. The lady at the table behind us (wearing a blue jumper and red hat) is Maggie - she is the oldest person on our island. She is 86 and drives a blue tractor!

I was delighted to see Annie Jean again when she came to school for Christmas lunch. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, stuffing, sausages, gravy, peas and carrots. Pudding was yummy - raspberry cheesecake. We loved pulling our crackers and wearing our silly hats and playing with the balloons which came in the crackers.

Happy New Year from Peedie Puffin and the Papay pupils and staff!

Peapod had a great Christmas and New Year at Mrs Seatter's house.

Peapod was very excited that Santa had left presents!
Peapod loved the Christmas tree

Peapod went out to celebrate Hogmanay (evening of 31st December) with Mrs Seatter's family. When 2009 arrived at midnight they all went outside and set off fireworks. Some of the rockets were very loud and Peapod didn't like them. He went inside and stayed with the cats.

January 8th 2009

Peapod couldn't go to school this week and had to stay at Mrs Seatter's house because he had a very bad cold. Everyone in Papay seems to have it too! He was very excited to hear that the pupils have been learning Papay and Scottish dances. He can't wait to join in next week.

February 3rd

Peapod and the Papay pupils have been so busy this term! They have been practising their dancing, singing and fiddle playing.

The good news is that our dance, called the Dashing White Sergeant, has been uploaded on to teacher tube. View it here:

Soon we will send you the written instructions for the dance too.

Peapod is also getting very excited about his trip to the USA. He would like to meet Mr Obama

February 27th.

Peapod's parcel at Papay Post Office.

Today was the day Peapod had been waiting for. He was very excited - he was going to America! We wrapped Peapod cosily in one of our Puffin Tea-towels, gave him a big cuddle and then popped him in his comfy parcel bag. We made sure we had the right address on the front for West Tisbury School, then we all walked to our island Post Office. It's right next to the school so it only took us 2 minutes.

Peapod's Parcel

Peapod's parcel was put on the Post Office Scales and weighed. Then there were several stickers put on his parcel - the blue one said 'Air Mail'. Hartmundt, who runs the Post Office, told us he should arrive in America in about 4 days.

Goodbye Peapod - we will miss you!


We look forward to reading all about his adventures in America.