Videoconference Exchange
Since we circle the globe, we will only be able to videoconference with one or two members of Islands Around the World.
Let's capture and share some (or all) of our video conferences and post them here so we can all see the children's exchanges.

Click here for a guide to Skype

On May 21, Papy Westray and West Tisbury School will meet via Flashmeeting (FM). It will be 1500 in Papay, 10:00 for
West Tisbury School. It's scheduled to last 30 mins. Technical problems with FM, we will try again.
Flashmeeting automatically saves your videoconference, you can see Martha's Vineyard students here:
(This is one sided as Papay Westray was unable to connect. We will try again.)

On June 1 for Martha's Vineyard, June 2 for Summerland Primary, students use Skype to meet and exchange information.The Summerland students came to school an hour early, the Martha's Vineyard students stayed two hours after school.

Summerland students wrote about the videoconference on their blog:

West Tisbury School saved the Skype videoconference. Here is a funny moment, did you know that bunny ears are an international symbol?

Bunny Ears from Valerie on Vimeo.

We learned a lot. Santa comes on a surf board because it is summer at Christmas time in New Zealand. They also use a different system to measure the temperature, celcius or centrigade. We use fehrenheit. We also learned a lot about Summerland School: they have 4 quarters, we have two; they do not have a cafeteria; their school has a great playground; and what sports they like to play and their favorite teams. The Summerland Pirates are fun, we hope to videoconference with them again.