Monday April 13: Project starts

April 13-30

  • Connections and introductions
  • Add school to Google Map
  • Peedie Puffin continues his travels, he departs Martha's Vineyard.

May 1-15

Below are some suggestions...
  • Show us your island
    • Facts (population, famous places)
    • Weather
    • Housing
    • Wildlife: indigenous plants and animals

  • What do you do on your island?
    • Occupations: farming, fishing, tourism, etc
    • Kids sports and games
    • Transport (ferries, road rules, cars, public transport
    • Entertainment

  • Cultural backgrounds
    • nationalities
    • celebrations
    • sayings and expressions
    • local words

  • Food (Do you grow it or import it?)

May 16-31

  • Schedule a videoconference or chat with at least one member of the Islands Around the World community.
  • website to help you plan when and with whom you can videoconference

June 1-15

  • Videoconferences and/or chats are captured and posted on the wiki
  • Peedie Puffin returns to Papa Westray