Tourism in Hong Kong

Lots of people visit Hong Kong every year from lots of different country’s around the world.

Stanley market is a big shopping center with lots of different shops it has book stores, shoe stores, cloths stores, restaurants and it is close to the sea.

The peak is a big tourism attraction, it is the tallest mountain, and lots of people visit the peak every year. There is a walk on the peak that has lots of great views. The peak is called that because it has a tram beside it with the name of the peak tram. The peak tram go’s from central garden road and travels up to the Victoria Peak.

C_Ray_Dancer.jpgThe mine train is a roller coaster at Ocean Park where you can enjoy the ride and have lots of fun.

The Hong Kong stadium is where a lot of things take place like the rugby sevens. Lots of people travel half way across the border to see this amazing event. But the rugby sevens is only in march.
Disney land is a fun tourist attraction that lots of people go to per day. It is a fun place to go it has a lot of rides that are really fun .Some rides are about hight so if you are not tall enough than you can not go on the ride for safety reasons.

When people come to Hong Kong one the places they go is the peak. The most people take the peak tram it runs to and from the peak.

Big Wave Bay is one of the most popular beaches for surfing in Hong Kong. Ocean Park Has over 14 rides and other attractions such as aquariums.
Ocean park
Ocean Park introduced a sea lion named Whiskers (known as Wai Wai in Chinese) as the major mascot on 9 December 2000. Whiskers is cute, and has a smile on his face and is always waving a warm welcome with its flippers. There are 5 more members of the Ocean Park family: James Fin (a shark); Jewel (a feminine butterfly); Swift (a dolphin); Chief (a parrot); Professor (a turtle).