octopus_card_by_Ja-ae.jpgHong Kong Transport

In Hong Kong there are different types of public transport such as:
Trams, double decker buses, taxis ,mini buses, MTR, ferries ,airplanes and bicycles.
Sometimes when you go on public transport in Hong Kong you need an octopus which is a type of card. Adult octopuses are multi-coloured and children ones are pink.
In Hong Kong the taxis start with about 15-17 Hong Kong Dollars. It is like that so the taxi drivers can earn some money even on short rides. The taxis in Hong Kong are called urban taxis which are red.
Double decker buses and mini buses can be paid by octopus card or by money. Mini buses cost about 9 Hong Kong Dollars. On both mini buses and double decker buses there is a bell to press when you want to get off.
Trams cost 2 Hong Kong Dollars for children and 3 Hong Kong Dollars for Adults.
Star ferries cost approx. 2 Hong Kong Dollars. (This is about 20 cents in US dollars)
MTRs are sometimes used in airports.