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On our beautiful island there are lots of green plants and animals living happily in our forests,
We are the one and only New Zealand, you know the island next to Australia any way in New Zealand there are lots of beaches
Piha, Bethels, Kare-Kare, Huia and so on, We are famous for our wool and dairy farming.
We are so lucky to have people to represent New Zealand like in the Beijing olympics 2008 we had Mahe Drysdale

representing us in the rowing and coming in 3rd place while battling an illness.

Silver Ferns
The silver ferns are our New Zealand net ball team that represent us in net ball 
and have made us extremely proud like in 2008 they came 2nd in the finals.

nw-kiwi.jpg.jpeg New Zealand is a green and clean island with is surrounded by nothing else 
but water and
it has lots of wildlife like our national bird the one and only the KIWI witch is sadly endangered at
the moment.

Summerland Primary

I know we are the one and only amazing school in West Auckland, Summerland Primary. This is our summerland sign that we took. We have awesomeIMG_1267.JPG teachers teaching in Summerland. We have pods that are called Kare-Kare, Piha, Huia, Bethells, Anawhata and Muriwai, Our names are named after the beaches. We have clean blue uniform and the sun on our left side of our uniform, we are a friendly school that co-operates with everyone around!

Hear us talking about our school by clicking here

Salote and Sapwe

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